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8 MAY 2024

A world of opportunities

Imagine a place for those who believe they can play a role in a brighter future. Who love to work on real problems. Who believe in the power of big dreams. No bullshit, no shiny lights, no naysaying - that’s the essence of the AustrianStartups Summit.


Learn from the best, build meaningful connections and

celebrate with us on May 8th 2024.

We are convinced that entrepreneurship is the key to a positive future in Austria.


The Venue 2024


… is the perfect venue to host this year’s AustrianStartups Summit. This magnificent building boasts a rich history and unique architecture that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone. Built between 1874–1877 and located in the heart of Vienna, Semper Depot offers a versatile event space with a big stage, various networking areas and much more. 

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