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provoking dreams & action

Ideas, creativity & solutions.


All these things happen when inspiring people vibe together.

So why not gathering them in one place? 

And exactly that's why there is the AustrianStartups Summit

500+ startup enthusiasts
Imagine an AustrianStartups Stammtisch. Ok, now imagine the power & inspiration of 100 Stammtische – there you go! Startups, investors, innovators, executives and a lot more amazing people will be present.
What about you?
the place to be
What? Did you expect a fancy townhall or a typical congress venue? C'mon, that's not us & that not you either. Instead, we celebrate @dasWerk – a place where culture meets nightlife & creativity. #3 floors, an art gallery & a terrace provide the perfect environment for crafting the ideas & connections for the future.
Convinced? Great!
Werk Kulturterasse.jpeg
party? party!
Party like you just landed THE exit of the year. Or party like you just crashed your startup & want to gain some confidence before you tell your family, friends & fools. Or party like you don't care at all. In any case...!

#1 fireside chats

Ever wondered how founders make decisions? Ask them!

#4 job chat

Looking for a job?

Look here!

the experience

#2 startup fair

Where the hell are Austria's top startups? Answer: Here!

#5 future weekly live podcast 

This session is off the record. Make sure to be there!

#3 matchmaking

Searching for an investor or co-founder? We got you!

#6 as showcase

Startups emerging from AustrianStartups? Plenty!


No explanation required. If you really have no clue just ask your friends & colleagues – they'll know.

the 100th stammtisch

any questions?

Your are not the first to be left speechless.

For partnerships please contact Iris (

For general inquiries reach out to Ipek (

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